Yerevan - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

There are lots of ancient churches to visit. - Jan 2022

Brandy tasting, winery visits, hikes, staycations at the Hotel Alexander. I did not find any particular hidden gems. - Aug 2021

Drive to Dilijan for excellent hiking and scenery with a stop at Lake Sevan. Drive down to Tatev which is also very scenic. Check out some of the burgeoning local wineries - Old Bridge, Trinity Canyon, Tushpa. - May 2021

Adventurous souls should try Yell Park, near Dilijan. It's a zipline place! - Mar 2017

There is an abundance of music/dance related activities. This is an excellent post to take lessons in anything you've dreamt of doing and either couldn't afford or didn't have time for: pottery, art, singing, musical instrument, ballet for adults, exercise classes etc. All very affordable and high quality. Many people buy pianos here. Hiking is great - it is very affordable to hire a car and driver and guide. - Oct 2014

Visit one of several cafes in Yerevan, take a weekend drive to visit an ancient monastery, travel to Tbilisi. - Sep 2011

There are several well-run tour organizations in Yerevan. All offer the same fare--trips to churches (Garni, Geghard, Etchmiadzin) or ruins in the hills or a BBQ at Lake Sevan. While these day trips are usually worth the US$25, be forewarned--most of the churches you will see are totally devoid of any interior decorations. Though folks should see the big 3 or 4, if only for their often breathtaking mountaintop views, after a while seeing similar old, partially crumbling, stone buildings with umbrella tops with stark interiors might not be worth the three hour one-way kidney-punishing trip on unpaved roads. For those within the Embassy community, the Language Lab will take field trips to the major sites. For folks looking to get away from Yerevan, there are a couple of 'resorts'. One toward Lake Sevan, where folks can ski in the winter, was where the USSR Olympic teams trained at altitude. Another near the Georgian border, lends itself to rural tourism--hiking and the like. There is some theatre, some sports. For collectors of things Soviet there is Vernissage, an open air flea market on the weekends. There is also the water park, Genocide memorial, Victory Park, and the Cascades. Regional air travel, though not cheap, is popular, with folks usually hitting UAE at least once during their tour. Yerevan remains a 2 R&R Post with Rome as its R&R point. - Jul 2008

Opera, theater, shopping, going out for nice restaurant meals. The Embassy has programs all the time (e.g., Friday nights at the Marine House). In the summer there is Lake Sevan, the pool at the Congress Hotel, and the water park outside the city. In the winter, there is skiing not far from Yerevan. There is a very lively social scene, for all ages - activities for children, teens, and adults. - Jan 2008

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