Yerevan - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Four seasons. Fall and spring are beautiful. Winter is long, cold and a bit depressing. Summers are hot and dry. - Jan 2022

Four seasons. Long, cold and dreary winters. Super hot summers. The short spring and fall are lovely. - Aug 2021

There are four distinct seasons here. Winter can be very grey and bleak with some snow, but not a terrible amount. Inclement weather makes the driving even more treacherous. The spring can be rainy. Summer is super hot and very dry. Fall is quite pleasant, but too short. With the altitude (1,000 meters), the air is quite dry so people use humidifiers and a lot of chapstick. - May 2021

It is temperate, with a colder winter and a hot, dry summer. We see all four seasons here. Spring and fall are shorter, maybe a month and a half. - Mar 2017

Seasons are very distinct, and arrive like clock work. Air is dry. Summers are very hot, but not humid. Winters are cold. Spring and fall are beautiful, days are pleasant and evenings are chilly. - Oct 2014

Continental, though not nearly as extreme as Russia. Seasons literally change when they should: spring arrives in March, summer in June, fall in late September, etc. Winters are not that bad in Yerevan; there is not much snow. Once you drive outside of Yerevan, the climate changes dramatically. There can be a 20-30 degree difference after only a 30-minute drive to the north of Yerevan. Summers are uncomfortably hot in Yerevan: head for the mountains. - Sep 2011

Very dry. Very hot summers, cold winters, though it might only snow once or twice. Nice fall. Best time for visitors is probably September (July and August are far too hot). - Oct 2009

There are generally two seasons--really hot and really cold. In summer, Yerevan is like Arizona--lots of scrub brush, grit and dry heat. In winter, expect either extreme cold or lots of snow, which the locals cannot or do not clear off many roads. Winter is very gray for weeks on end. - Jul 2008

Four seasons: hot dusty summers but winters are long and gray and can get cold. - Jan 2008


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