Yerevan - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

There was a hiking club at the US embassy. Lots of home-based entertaining. I made local friends but it takes effort. - Jan 2022

Expats tend to form fish bowls. Hash harriers and a hiking group come to mind. - Aug 2021

Most socializing is through the embassy community with barbecues, brunches, and get-togethers at homes. Hiking is organized through the Community Liaison Office (CLO) or you can go out on your own. - May 2021

There are many opportunities to socialize, from jazz clubs to martial arts. - Mar 2017

Concerts, dance, festivals, clubs, restaurants etc. One can find almost anything in Yerevan. It is a surprisingly active and buzzing place compared to its size. It is like a mini country within a country, because once one leaves Yerevan, it's like stepping into a different world. - Oct 2014

Going to a cafe and sipping on Armenian coffee and smoking ultra-thin cigarettes. That's what the locals do. Visit the Ararat Cognac factory. Take your child to the puppet theater. Go to a concert. Jazz scene is actually pretty good here. Or, you can get out on weekends and go exploring. There is one golf course next to one of the housing communities which is not that great, but the only one in Armenia. Plenty of places to go rock-climbing. There's a decent ski-run not too far from town. - Sep 2011

I find Yerevan to be very much a place where you needed to make your own fun. We socialized with folks at restaurants and entertained at home. The Congress Hotel's and Vahakni Country Club's pool is a 'place to be seen' for Embassy and affluent Armenian families. Hitting the Hash seems like the main group sports activity after interest in a weekly softball game waned. Going out to eat is probably the most popular form of entertainment. Making the five hour drive to Tbilisi through some of Armenia’s most scenic areas is the most popular regional get away. - Jul 2008

Again, like most posts, this revolves a lot around the QSI/school systems but there seem to be a great group of expats here so many dinners, parties, BBQs, and a group that cycles. It's a lovely place to be social if you choose to be. - Jan 2008


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