Yerevan - Post Report Question and Answers

Travel time and best routes to this city from Europe or the US:

From DC, best connections through London, Paris, Vienna. It can take 20 hours or more, depending on the layovers. - Oct 2009

Travel time to Yerevan from DC is anywhere from 14 to 24 hours. If you are looking for a Western carrier, then routing through London, Paris, Munich, Vienna or Prague is best. Those traveling from the U.S. tend to prefer London and Paris given the often very lengthy layovers from the Munich and Vienna hubs, though both Heathrow and de Gaulle have well documented problems with baggage. Those traveling out of Yerevan, particularly those with kids, also seem to prefer the mid-morning departures to London (11am) and Paris (9am).The Munich, Vienna and Prague flights depart Yerevan sometime in the 2-5am range--good for getting to the East Coast of the U.S. in time for lunch (or to Los Angeles in time for dinner). Though Istanbul is technically an option this is a hit-or-miss charter flight that often does not stick to its schedule; there were several instances where travelers stranded in Istanbul had to purchase tickets out of pocket through Vienna when the Turkish flight was cancelled with no notice. Moscow, Amsterdam, Sharjah, and Dubai are other possibilities, though on Armenia's national carrier (Armavia) or a regional Middle Eastern company. Standards in service on these routes often leave something to be desired. ALL flights but Moscow run but 2-4 times per week (i.e. no daily service) thus limiting your possibilities if you absolutely positively need to be somewhere on a particular day. - Jul 2008

Via London - BMED, or Paris (CDG - Air France) from East Coast U.S. about a total of 24 hours. - Jan 2008

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