Yerevan - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

You can get a local sim card cheaply. - Jan 2022

SIM cards are widely available, but plans are not that cheap. We have Google Fi. - Aug 2021

Again the commissary can help you set up cellular service and bill you monthly through your employee association account. There is Ucom, Beeline, MTS. All are pretty comparable. - May 2021

I went with a local provider, Viva Cell. I bought a smartphone outright for ~250 USD and pay about 15 USD/month for service. Local cafes and restaurants have free WiFi, you just need to ask the passphrase. This will help keep your data usage under the cap. - Mar 2017

We can get cell phone plans through the commissary, or get pay as you go SIMs directly from the companies. Coverage is good in Yerevan and throughout the country. - Oct 2014

You can purchase one here. They work everywhere in Armenia. - Sep 2011

Everyone has a cell phone. Useful for convenience, though probably not critical for security; Yerevan is very safe. - Oct 2009

All Embassy personnel are issued cell phones. Spouses and others on the general market may find a variety of phones and plans to meet any need. The two vendors in this area are ArmenTel, the state run telephone company, and Viva Cell. I understand a third vendor is entering the cell phone arena. - Jul 2008

Get a SIM from either Armentel or Vivacell and work with them to get the best packages. We always choose"pay-as-you-go" because we can control costs that way. - Jan 2008


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