Yerevan - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

I do not recommend it for singles especially women. It's still a largely patriarchal society. My impression from male coworkers was that dating locals was difficult for them as well. It's a great post for families. Couples without kids might get bored. - Jan 2022

I'd say it's great for families with young children. Singles may be bored, families with teenagers have a hard time finding things to do. - Aug 2021

Singles have a hard time here, both men and women. The Armenians are very insular and do not really date outside of their population. Families do well here with the abundant and inexpensive household help. Though some do have issues with the school, particularly in higher grades. It is fine for couples. - May 2021

I think it's good here for singles and couples/families. I see this as a pleasant place, with only the social problems you might expect from a developing economy which occasionally struggles with corruption. - Mar 2017

Wonderful city for families, couples, and I think for singles as well. It is a very safe city, children are welcome everywhere (although there are no special accommodations for kids in most places). More and more kid oriented places are opening. Lots of restaurants, cafes, parks, museums and festivals. It is a very lively city with a lot going on - not everything is in English but because Armenians are so inclusive and welcoming, if one is open minded, it is easy to join any activity and there will always be someone who speaks English to help out . - Oct 2014

Great for families especially with younger-aged children. Might be tough for singles, society here is pretty conservative. Armenia is an isolated country: borders with Turkey and Azerbaijan are closed, the only open border for Americans is with Georgia (about 5 hour drive from Yerevan). - Sep 2011

It's a good city for families, and the Embassy is very family-friendly. Housing for Embassy staff is quite good, teachers (art, music, other) are readily available and affordable. There are a number of sports facilities, especially for swimming and tennis (including a Golds Gym with a modern 50 meter pool). It is easy to drive outside of Yerevan on weekends, though we never do so. We never lack for something to do. I can't speak as much for how it is for singles and couples without children, though downtown is very active so I would think it would be pretty good. - Oct 2009

Post is becoming an increasingly family friendly post. It is generally safe and quiet and the locals love children--though you'll probably need to adjust to complete strangers coming over to touch the hands and face of your child. There are a couple of local parks with good playgrounds. The Embassy is completing an 8 acre recreational facility that should be on line in late 2008 and will have ball fields, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, and a building with interior bathrooms and a small kitchenette. Overall, I believe this is very much a post where you need to create your fun and activities; there is little to nothing within the Embassy community in terms of social gatherings in any broad sense beyond an occasional Marine House event, the Hash, and perhaps a floating poker game now and again. There is an opera, some movie theaters (no English) and a tennis club. Some folks join the Vahakni country club for the pool scene--but $250+ per month in the summer, even with the Embassy group rate discount, is steep for most. Let me put it this way, this is the first post I've been where I've heard the Marine watch standers complain about a lack of things to do and the local dating scene. - Jul 2008

I think it's a great city for all: lots to do for families, couples and singles alike. And, it's a great city for single women - it's very safe, lots to do, etc. - Jan 2008


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