Kigali - Post Report Question and Answers

What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

That the air quality was so bad. - Aug 2023

I wish I would have read more books about the history before arriving. It would help me to understand more of the culture. I wish I would have known just how difficult grocery shopping would be. You rely on consumables and the pouch for so much! - Jan 2022

How expensive imported goods are, how noisy it can be with all the construction (building the golf course, road works, erecting apartments and other buildings, etc.), and how hard it is to become very close with locals. - Jul 2020

If you are considering Kigali, I encourage you to come! - Sep 2019

It can be hard to get to know locals. - Dec 2017

You will have to make your own fun so plan accordingly. The homes can be massive so bring plenty of wall art and/or pictures so they don't feel so sterile. You can find paint locally and the houses that are painted have so much more character than those without. Easy and inexpensive to hire a painter on the local market. - Apr 2016

Imports are VERY expensive, so prepare your consumables well. Liquids can't come through the Pouch so prepare accordingly. And it's a cash based economy, so don't forget your checkbook to get money out from the embassy cashier. - Oct 2014

It's a bit sleepy. So be prepared to make your own fun! It is what you make of it! - Jul 2014

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