Kigali - Post Report Question and Answers

Are preschools available? Day care? Are these expensive? What has been your experience with them, if any? Do the schools provide before- and/or after-school care?

They are some Montessori preschools available. They can be expensive and most of them run half a day. I haven't had experience with them but people in general had good opinions. - Oct 2023

Yes Happy Hearts does daycare and preschool. They’re wonderful! - Jan 2022

Not sure. - Jul 2020

Yes. You could hire a nanny, do preschool+nanny, or put older kids into activities after school. - Sep 2019

Lots of preschools and daycares are available for moderate cost (e.g., US$500 per term). There are many Montessori options, and we love Happy Hearts. - Jun 2018

There are expensive and inexpensive preschools and day cares. We sent our son to a local, French preschool for two years and he picked up French very quickly and it was very inexpensive. - Dec 2017

Yes, there are preschools. For day care, most people have nannies. I'm not familiar with any in-depth info. - Jan 2017

Yes, preschools are plentiful but quality can vary. Many people opt for ISK but it's pricey. KICS will be starting a preschool next year. - Apr 2016

There are several although many use domestic staff for daycare. - Oct 2014

There are preschools/daycare but once again I'm not a good reference. - Jul 2014

I use a nanny. - Sep 2013

Again there are several options. The Belgians seem to run the most popular choice. - May 2012

There are a number of preschools both in English and French, some half day and some for the full day. They are okay - good enough for socializing the little ones with other children. - Apr 2012

Just use a maid/nanny to take care of this need. Eight USD a day - Oct 2010

ISK, KICS and Greenhills offer Preschool at age three. - Jan 2010

A lot of them around town our daughter went to L' ptit bout, whcih she seemed to like. - Sep 2008

Multiple preschools are available, however daycare with academic performance and/or emphasis is lacking. - Aug 2008


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