Kigali - Post Report Question and Answers

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Clean, quite, good infrastructure, good restaurants, good caffes. - Oct 2023

Kigali is a super clean, safe and organized city. It's quite green compared to other capitals and has sidewalks and other nice amenities. The weather is lovely all year round. - Aug 2023

Traffic is better than other African cities. Kigali is also very clean and safe. It’s got views everywhere you go too. - Jan 2022

The weather is ideal, the produce is great and cheap, there are plenty of good restaurants, it's safe and clean, the commute to the embassy is short, and weekend getaways/activities outside the city are, at most, a four-hour drive (though Musanze and Akagera are only two hours away). - Jul 2020

The world's best weather, easy living, decent restaurant variety, great weekend trips. - Sep 2019

It is relatively safe. It is quiet and traffic isn't bad, short commutes. The weather is really nice. - Dec 2017

Lots of nature here, and with easy access in surrounding countries. Easy access to things in the city, very safe, kind people. - Jan 2017

Quiet city, moderate weather year round, very green. - Apr 2016

Kigali is a fantastic post! The country is the size of Maryland and there are no security restrictions (other than you cannot drive outside of the city after dark - because of trouble seeing people on the roads), so you can travel around the country quite freely. There is something to see in every corner - easy weekend trips, day trips, you name it. You can definitely save money here, although if you eat out most nights, it can be expensive. Kigali has no shortage of great restaurants! And the weather is unbeatable. Even during the two rainy seasons, it is rare that rain lasts all day - often it's shorter storms passing through. - Oct 2014

Rwanda is incredibly clean and organized. It's a small country so you can see all of it in a short amount of time. The weather is perfect here, 60-80F degrees all year round as a perk of living near the equator. - Jul 2014

The city is safe and clean, although there have been 3 grenade attacks in the last 8 months. I still go for runs, and my family and I take walks with no issues. - Sep 2013

Rwanda is a beautiful country with a constant spring climate. Kigali is safe, pleasant, and clean -- not a common combination in Africa. - May 2012

The weather is always in the 80s. - Apr 2012

Kigali is growing rapidly and new restaurants are opening up all the time. Rwanda is a beautiful country with rolling hills, tea and coffee plantations, and mountains. - Jul 2011

Tourism, terrain appreciation, safety, saving money. - Oct 2010

Amazing Weather, on average its 62F-82F year round. Very Clean, much cleaner than any other African nation we have visited, also much safer. There is Gorilla Trekking in the North and chimpanzee trekking in the South. Rwanda is located near many other great safari countries, but only has a small park itself. We save a lot of money here due to the fact that there's nothing to buy. The people are very welcoming and friendly, be sure to wave. - Jan 2010

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