Kigali - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

It is available and quick to install. There can be issues with quality sometime but overall is good. - Oct 2023

Internet is available, although I wouldn't always call it "high-speed". There are outages and frustrations, but for the most part, it's okay. - Aug 2023

Fiber is available. It goes out often and can be quite infuriating especially while watching TV or working from home. But there’s not a lot of competition and not a lot of options. We paid about $150/mo. It wasn’t bad enough though to make me not want to live there again. - Jan 2022

Yes, fiber internet is available, easy to set up, and relatively problem-free. Liquid internet is around $100/month. - Jul 2020

I was very happy with Liquid fiber optic, but it isn't available in all neighborhoods and the lowest price starts at about $100/month. - Sep 2019

We have not had good customer service with Liquid, but the actual product is great (fiber). The installation happened within a week. There is also Axiom, which has great customer service and the product is great, but it is super expensive. - Jun 2018

Decent internet is available - Liquid Telecom has been installing fiber optic internet throughout the city and it starts at about 70,000rwf per month (this is the best option - we stream Netflix without too many problems this way). Axiom is a broadband company - their service is about double the price and service is slower, but for areas without fiber optic this is the best alternative. - Dec 2017

One company has started providing fiber-optic internet, which is cheaper and more reliable. They aren't yet available all over the city, but I think that is their goal. I use them and pay just under $100/month for good internet. My colleague lives where they aren't yet available and pays around $200/month for not-as-good internet.

Installation is reasonably fast and easy. You can also buy reasonably priced wireless hotspots that can provide home internet until you get it installed. - Jan 2017

Yes, with more options on the scene all the time. Internet has changed a lot in our time here and we currently pay US$200 for unlimited 4g. A lot depends on your neighborhood as far as which provider has the best service in your area. - Apr 2016

Internet access is available for about US$40/month. I can't quite say it's high speed though. Investing in a VPN (like WiTopia) is a good idea if you want to try and use Amazon Prime videos or similar. - Oct 2014

It is. But it's expensive. We've been through 5 internet services in our first year. I run my own business from home so internet is vital. We now have 4G which is in trial but appears to be working. - Jul 2014

Internet is available, but don't expect to stream video or skype whenever you want. - Sep 2013

Internet runs $100-200 per month and is barely sufficient for Skype voice calls. Give up on video or anything streaming. - May 2012

High speed! What a joke."Fast" is relative to the neighborhood you live in and what internet provider services that area. For example, in Kagugu, where only Altech is available, 512K will cost you $130 a month. When up, one can Skype and download a Kindle book pretty good. When down, which is often... well, what can you do? - Apr 2012

Yes. cost unknown. - Jul 2011

Internet is a pain. You'll pay at least $100 a month for internet that you can at least skype or vonage back to the states on. - Oct 2010

Yes, some days are better than others, but it's much better since we first got here. It costs aroud $140 a month. - Jan 2010

Expect landline quality with the high speed internet that is available in country. - Sep 2008

Internet is available via two major companies. Cost averages to US$60 per month. - Aug 2008

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