Kigali - Post Report Question and Answers

Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Maybe. In my experience, with some exceptions, it is the best and safest city to live in Africa. - Oct 2023

Unsure. There are many great things about Kigali (housing, weather, organization, safety) and we've had a very positive experience here overall, but the poor air quality has really been a problem for us. Especially with young kids, I'm concerned about the long term consequences. - Aug 2023

Yes! It’s easy living especially for families with young children. - Jan 2022

Yes. And two years seem just about right. - Jul 2020

Absolutely yes. - Sep 2019

Yes. - Dec 2017

Absolutely. - Jan 2017

Yes -- not always easy living here for sure, as the culture can feel closed off and does not open up to try to get to know you or to let you know them. - Apr 2016

YES! - Oct 2014

Yes! It's been a great tour! - Jul 2014

I let the whole being landlocked thing get to me, so probably not. It would depend on my choices though. Rwanda is higher on the list than many other options. - Sep 2013

Yes. We have been pleasantly surprised with Kigali, and are content with having a two-year tour here. More than two years would be too long; less than a year would be too short. - May 2012

No, no, and no. This is the most boring Post I've been to, and the perpetual sadness is depressing. Add no beach and you can't get in the lakes due to bilharzia... - Apr 2012

Yes. - Jul 2011

Absolutely, if I had to get posted in Africa. - Oct 2010

Yes, perhaps a shorter tour though. Two years, not three. - Jan 2010

Yes, the mountain biking was the good. - Sep 2008

Yes, but not stay long term. (> 1 year). - Aug 2008

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