Kigali - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

The embassy has a small gym (with cardio equipment and weights), as well as a pool. There are some decent gyms in town, and monthly fees are around $100. - Jul 2020

Waka Fitness or the Marriott gym. Mostly I stayed in shape by walking up and down hills. - Sep 2019

Waka fitness in Kimihurura. - Jun 2018

The embassy has a small gym. There are several gyms in the city, a bit pricey. Some expats do cross-fit in their homes. - Dec 2017

The embassy has one that employees use for free. The big hotels have them, and sell memberships. Not cheap. - Jan 2017

Yes but the Embassy gym is decent enough and free, not usually too many people there if any. - Apr 2016

Yes - the larger ones are expensive (Waka and Serena hotel), upwards of almost US$200/month. Cali Fitness near Kagugu has decent equipment, classes, and pricing. The embassy gym is a bit small, but there are plans to expand/improve I believe/hope. - Oct 2014

Yes. There are 2 larger gyms at The Serena and Waka fitness. They are pricey! - Jul 2014

I think there are some at the nicer hotels, and at the Embassy. I just jog and do some push ups. - Sep 2013

Yes, the major hotels have gyms offering memberships at U.S. prices. - May 2012

Yes. The Embassy has a small gym for employees. There are a number of hotels with gyms that can be used for a fee. - Apr 2012

The Serena and The Manor hotel have gyms. The Serena is expensive, but it includes the use of the pool. - Jul 2011

The U.S. Embassy has a gym. Novotel and Serena have workout facilities. - Oct 2010

Yes, at hotel Serena, Laico Umubano Hotel (Previously called the Novotel), and also at the local sport clubs Nyarutarama and Cercle Sportif. - Jan 2010

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