Kigali - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

There are some gyms in the town but not sure bout their quality or price. Embassy had its own gym and pool that we used. The major hotels have swimming pools that can be used by people for a price. - Oct 2023

There are some gyms, but I've not used them. The embassy has a small gym, and also organizes some exercise classes such as zumba, yoga, and cross-fit with the Marines. Many folks also jog / walk around the neighborhood. - Aug 2023

There’s a place called Waka that I frequented before the pandemic. It was decent. Not too expensive either. As I was leaving, another, bigger and brand new gym opened up in the same building as the Bwok restaurant and I’ve heard good things about it. The embassy has a tiny gym but I never used it. - Jan 2022

The embassy has a small gym (with cardio equipment and weights), as well as a pool. There are some decent gyms in town, and monthly fees are around $100. - Jul 2020

Waka Fitness or the Marriott gym. Mostly I stayed in shape by walking up and down hills. - Sep 2019

Waka fitness in Kimihurura. - Jun 2018

The embassy has a small gym. There are several gyms in the city, a bit pricey. Some expats do cross-fit in their homes. - Dec 2017

The embassy has one that employees use for free. The big hotels have them, and sell memberships. Not cheap. - Jan 2017

Yes but the Embassy gym is decent enough and free, not usually too many people there if any. - Apr 2016

Yes - the larger ones are expensive (Waka and Serena hotel), upwards of almost US$200/month. Cali Fitness near Kagugu has decent equipment, classes, and pricing. The embassy gym is a bit small, but there are plans to expand/improve I believe/hope. - Oct 2014

Yes. There are 2 larger gyms at The Serena and Waka fitness. They are pricey! - Jul 2014

I think there are some at the nicer hotels, and at the Embassy. I just jog and do some push ups. - Sep 2013

Yes, the major hotels have gyms offering memberships at U.S. prices. - May 2012

Yes. The Embassy has a small gym for employees. There are a number of hotels with gyms that can be used for a fee. - Apr 2012

The Serena and The Manor hotel have gyms. The Serena is expensive, but it includes the use of the pool. - Jul 2011

The U.S. Embassy has a gym. Novotel and Serena have workout facilities. - Oct 2010

Yes, at hotel Serena, Laico Umubano Hotel (Previously called the Novotel), and also at the local sport clubs Nyarutarama and Cercle Sportif. - Jan 2010

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