Kigali - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Bugs and mosquitos are a problem in almost all of the houses regardless of house quality. You learn to live with them - Oct 2023

It's central Africa, so yes, there are definitely bugs. Some houses have issues with ants. We have problems with cockroaches (super gross). And everyone needs to be careful with mosquitoes. - Aug 2023

We got lots of ants. I would also find pretty large cockroaches every week. The embassy will give you traps for both insects. It really wasn’t too bad. - Jan 2022

Not really. Ants, millipedes, spiders, and water beetles can be common, but not typically at "infestation" levels. If you just let the common house lizards live inside, they can take care of some of the bugs for you! - Jul 2020

Malaria is a serious risk here. We often had ants, and an occasional cockroach. - Sep 2019

Roaches and millipedes. There are also lots of termites during dry season. - Jun 2018

Termites after heavy rains, cockroaches, centipedes...nothing outrageous. - Dec 2017

I haven't had any problems. - Jan 2017

There has been an increase in malaria during my time here among the expat community, though not many cases (that I know of) within the Embassy community. - Apr 2016

Mosquitos and ants are what we've mostly combated. Ants are big in the dry season, but FM has a gel that is helpful. Bring spray for hanging out outdoors and you're generally ok. - Oct 2014

There are some mosquitos, ants, roaches. However, we didn't take malaria meds while we were on the ground as incidents of malaria in Kigali are minimal. If you travel to the west then malaria meds are recommended. We had some roaches and ants at our place when we first arrived but facilities maintenance got on it right away and we haven't had issues since. - Jul 2014

Mosquitoes and ants are my biggest complaint. And they are not even really a complaint so much as they are just two little facts of life. - Sep 2013

Malarial mosquitoes are here and there. You roll the dice if you skip your anti-malarials. - May 2012

During the rainy season, mosquitoes. And they carry malaria. - Apr 2012

Not too buggy in comparison to other Africa countries. There are mosquitoes, roaches, ants, but not soo bad that you are constantly battling them. - Jul 2011

Locusts attack the embassy twice a year. Don't worry, though, the guards and local children come and conduct a counter-offensive, collecting the insects in plastic bottles to take home to cook. Malaria meds are needed in country - Oct 2010

There are some mosquitoes during the rainy seasons, but as long as you sleep with a net it's fine. They only come out at night and they don't carry malaria. - Jan 2010

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