Kigali - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Kigali has the best climate possible. not very hot, not very cold. We never needed air conditioning in the house. There are two seasons wet and dry. - Oct 2023

The climate is temperate and wonderful all year round. - Aug 2023

The weather is perfect! The elevation is quite high so it doesn’t get too hot. It’s not high enough to be out of the malarial zone though so take malarone if you choose to. There are two rainy seasons and two dry seasons. - Jan 2022

Kigali's climate is very similar to that of SoCal: warm and sunny most of the time, with temps ranging between 60F and 80F/15C and 27C year-round. The seasons here are rainy and dry as opposed to hot and cold. At higher elevations, like in Musanze, temps can be a little colder, but you shouldn't ever need more than a warm jacket. - Jul 2020

This might possibly be the world's best climate. The weather is wonderful year-round. The temperate is basically the same every day, a high of 80 and low of 60. Even in the rainy season, the rain will be intense and brief, with the sun coming back again in a couple hours. - Sep 2019

Mild year round; the perfect weather. - Jun 2018

Really wonderful. Kigali is at a decent elevation so it doesn't get TOO hot, cools off nicely in the evenings, and is sunny a lot of the time. Even in the rainy seasons (October-December, February-May) it doesn't rain all day, just in short bursts. - Dec 2017

It is very temperate here. Located just below the equator, and at nearly mile-high elevation, we have temperatures ranging from 70F-85F daytime and 55F-70F at night. It is wonderful. I have an A/C in my bedroom, but never use it. There are two rainy seasons, each lasting a couple of months, when it will rain for a couple of hours nearly every day. - Jan 2017

Two rainy seasons, otherwise moderate with warm to hot weather. Usually pleasant in the early mornings and late evenings. - Apr 2016

I've heard some liken the climate to San Diego. It's usually 70's-80's F year round with two dry/rainy seasons. The rain storms are reminiscent of Florida where they last an hour or so and then it's dry the rest of the day most of the time. - Oct 2014

AMAZING! The weather is great here! There are 2 dry seasons and 2 wet season. The weather is 60-80F degrees all year round. - Jul 2014

Eternal Spring. - Sep 2013

The weather is beautiful year around. There are two rainy seasons and two dry seasons, totaling about 8 months of rain. Temperatures in Kigali seem to range from 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 55-70 at night. - May 2012

The weather is always in the 80s. The dry season is during the summer. The rains come and go, sometimes with severe thunder and lightning storms you can see approaching from a distance. Other days are dreary and overcast, but for the most part, beautiful. - Apr 2012

Nice and cool during the rainy season. Dusty and hot during the dry season. However, even during the dry season, the evening hours is lovely. - Jul 2011

There are two seasons, a hot summer where it rains in the afternoon only, and then the dry hotter months, where it gets a bit cool at night. - Oct 2010

Paradisiacal. Not to hot, not to cold, not humid, not dry. Just wonderful. There are two rainy seasons, one in the spring and one in the fall. But the season isn’t a nonstop rain more like an hour or so daily. - Jan 2010

Long rain, long dry, short rain, short dry and always quite plesant. - Sep 2008

Rain, low to mid 70s F. Two-three months of hot weather but not humid. - Aug 2008

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