Kigali - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

Yes, there’s lots of fun things to buy like baskets, clothes, furniture, carvings, and pottery. - Jan 2022

Handmade baskets are the most popular souvenirs, and you can find them lots of places in Kigali. - Jul 2020

A solid location for good quality handicrafts at much lower prices than available in the United States, but by the second of year of Christmas shopping, I was starting to run out of ideas. - Sep 2019

A lot of the good wood handicrafts are from the Congo.

Rwanda is famous for woven baskets; they are beautiful and inexpensive. Abraham Konga does some nice jewelry and handicrafts at fixed prices. More than Sparrows does some nice needlework runners, pillow covers, dishtowels. - Dec 2017

Yes, lots of great handicrafts. Baskets are a big item, but also fabric crafts, wood crafts, and jewelry. Great shopping opportunities, and very reasonable prices. - Jan 2017

Easy to get clothes tailor made here, textiles, baskets, and dung art. - Apr 2016

The bead work with jewelry is particularly beautiful. - Oct 2014

Rwandan crafts-- baskets, fabric products. - Jul 2014

Cheap carved wooden stuff that breaks easily. There is a small art scene. - Sep 2013

Baskets, patterned fabrics, East African handicrafts, and Congolese statues (if they don't scare you). - May 2012

Macy's baskets, jewelry, paintings, fabric, bags. You'll buy this in the first 4 months you are here, and then will be done. - Apr 2012

Rwanda baskets, beads made from magazine pages. - Jul 2011

Wood carvings, or go down to Burundi and get a custom-carved drum for little money. - Oct 2010

See above. There is also some jewelry, woven peace baskets, masks, and various fabric crafts. It is also possible to get limited quality tailored clothes. - Jan 2010

There is a lot of nice Congolese crafts, but the local crafts were not so nice, with the exception of the drums. - Sep 2008

Local exotic fruits, wood carvings, carvings, and carvings (mask). - Aug 2008

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