Kigali - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

Not a shopping post, but definitely can get some nice artwork. - Oct 2023

Baskets! - Aug 2023

Yes, there’s lots of fun things to buy like baskets, clothes, furniture, carvings, and pottery. - Jan 2022

Handmade baskets are the most popular souvenirs, and you can find them lots of places in Kigali. - Jul 2020

A solid location for good quality handicrafts at much lower prices than available in the United States, but by the second of year of Christmas shopping, I was starting to run out of ideas. - Sep 2019

A lot of the good wood handicrafts are from the Congo.

Rwanda is famous for woven baskets; they are beautiful and inexpensive. Abraham Konga does some nice jewelry and handicrafts at fixed prices. More than Sparrows does some nice needlework runners, pillow covers, dishtowels. - Dec 2017

Yes, lots of great handicrafts. Baskets are a big item, but also fabric crafts, wood crafts, and jewelry. Great shopping opportunities, and very reasonable prices. - Jan 2017

Easy to get clothes tailor made here, textiles, baskets, and dung art. - Apr 2016

The bead work with jewelry is particularly beautiful. - Oct 2014

Rwandan crafts-- baskets, fabric products. - Jul 2014

Cheap carved wooden stuff that breaks easily. There is a small art scene. - Sep 2013

Baskets, patterned fabrics, East African handicrafts, and Congolese statues (if they don't scare you). - May 2012

Macy's baskets, jewelry, paintings, fabric, bags. You'll buy this in the first 4 months you are here, and then will be done. - Apr 2012

Rwanda baskets, beads made from magazine pages. - Jul 2011

Wood carvings, or go down to Burundi and get a custom-carved drum for little money. - Oct 2010

See above. There is also some jewelry, woven peace baskets, masks, and various fabric crafts. It is also possible to get limited quality tailored clothes. - Jan 2010

There is a lot of nice Congolese crafts, but the local crafts were not so nice, with the exception of the drums. - Sep 2008

Local exotic fruits, wood carvings, carvings, and carvings (mask). - Aug 2008


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