Kigali - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

This post is more of “make your own fun”. Find some good friends and enjoy house parties. In my opinion, locals are more closed off so it makes it hard to make friends with them. - Jan 2022

For the most part, socializing with locals isn't common; the language barrier can be too great, the disparity of wealth often dictates that the foreign resident pay for activities/meals/drinks, etc. Socializing with other foreign residents can be easy and fun, mostly at people's houses but also at restaurants and even in Akagera, hotels outside of town, etc. - Jul 2020

Kigali has a small town feel. No two locations are more than 30 minutes away from each other. Small-to-medium gathering are often at restaurants or houses. There aren't clubs like you find in some other international cities, so you'll have to make friends to get into circles. - Sep 2019

There are many play dates for kids, there is a local trivia night at a pizza place, HASH, etc., though we have only taken advantage of play dates. - Jun 2018

There isn't a lot to do in Kigali, so there are a lot of birthday parties, house get togethers, pot lucks, bbqs. People meet at kid friendly restaurants like Pili-Pili, Heaven, J-Lynn's, Century Park on the weekends to socialize. There is an improv group, an art group, an orchestra... - Dec 2017

Restaurants/bars/nightclubs. There's a weekly quiz night at one restaurant. Lots of cultural events. You can socialize as much as you want. - Jan 2017

BBQs are the big thing, as are events at the Marine House. - Apr 2016

Kigali has a movie theater that is decent; restaurants; house parties and bbqs; embassy events; night clubs and bars - there is plenty to do if you look for it. - Oct 2014

Lots of in home entertainment, eating out, house parties, a few bars at night. - Jul 2014

Restaurants, bars, and house parties. - Sep 2013

Home entertainment and dinner out are the two mainstays in Rwanda. Other than that, there are few bars, fewer clubs, and no movie theatres or the like. There is one small bowling alley that recently opened. - May 2012

There is a lot of entertaining in homes and people frequently go out to restaurants. There is also a bowling alley. - Apr 2012

There are several bars/dancing clubs, but it starts up late (around midnight). For people who have to work early the next day, it tends to be dinner at a local restaurant or entertaining at the house. - Jul 2011

Dinner parties, bars, nightclub, movies. - Sep 2008

If you enjoy bars, and one night stands, it's the place to be. However think HIV. - Aug 2008


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