Bamako - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

There are more restaurant options than we expected. The basque terrace at Bamako Kitchen is especially good. So is the Vietnamese restaurant Little Saigon. - Apr 2021

There are a surprising number of restaurants, some of which deliver depending on where you live. La Guidos does pizza and some Italian dishes and is quite popular. There are Thai, India, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Turkish, and even a Korean and Vietnamese restaurant. There are French places and pseudo-American or British places. My favorite brunch place is Comme Chez Soit. Vegan - Taxi Bamako. I've had Thai and Indian food delivered and heard that others do as well. - Apr 2017

No major chain fast food restaurants but many new burger restaurants have opened up recently that offer great burgers! Also a fantastic pizza restaurant that will deliver! - Aug 2014

There is no such thing here. Everything is made from scratch. - Jul 2011

No fast food. Good restaurants: Italian, Thai, Chinese, Lebanese, European, Indian, French, ice cream parlor, Vietnamese, fondue/raclette restaurant. The ex-Sofitel hotel and the Radisson hotel also have a nice restaurant. Prices range between 10 dolares to 30 dolares. - Jul 2011

Restaurants aren't cheap but you can get some decent meals around town:classic French cuisine, Lebanese, Chinese, Thai, African (Senegalese, Ivoirian, and Malian cuisine), Moroccan. There is a place - Broadway Cafe - that has good burgers, milkshakes, and American breakfasts. Bla Bla is good for grilled meats (excellent pork chops) and brochettes. The Rabelais and Le Loft have very good French cuisine. Great Wall and Piano Bar for Chinese. Sukhothai for quality, but pricey, Thai dishes. - Oct 2010

No fast food chains in mali. The fastest food here is the egg roll shops that sells egg rolls and sandwiches for 50 cents and1 dollar. And they are delicious, and is located all over the city. Other than that, there's no such thing as fast food. Everything is an hour wait.most restaurants that expats go to ranges from 10-30 dollars with drinks. - May 2010

No fast food. There are a half dozen or so decent restaurants, but none is really all that outstanding. The best place in town is a Thai place. Dinner for 2 including wine and desert will run you at least 80, if not 100 USD. But don't do the math, just pay it, since most people go out so rarely. - Sep 2009

No recognizable fast food restaurant available. However, hamburgers and sandwiches served at neighborhood restaurant, but not of the same quality. So, I would leave fast food for the U.S. - Apr 2009

Very good restaurants-Italian, Thai, Senegalese, Malian, Chinese. Average meal at any of them runs about US$15 to 20. - Feb 2009

No fast food places really. But there are some good restaurants. A good, and sort of fancy Thai place. My favorites were Cafe du Fleuve (great steaks) and Bla Bla (great brochettes and pork chops). There are also some good Lebanese food and other good reastaurants if you seek them out. - Feb 2009

There is an excellent Thai restaurant and a couple of other upscale continental/french restaurants. You can also find Vietnamese, Lebanese, African and Italian food. The restaurants are just okand the choices are limited but the capitainne fish is excellent. Cost, like anything in Bamako, is high. A pizza for one person costs about US$12. - Jan 2009

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