Bamako - Post Report Question and Answers

Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Absolutely. I loved it. - Apr 2021

That's a tough call. This being my first post, I don't think I have a proper comparison yet. I think I would say yes, but it's been much, much harder than expected (both the work and the general living environment). - Apr 2017

Yes. I'm ready to go after our two-year tour (the developing world can slowly get to you) but I am so happy and grateful that I was able to spend time here, meet everyone and learn about this part of the world. - Aug 2014

Absolutely! I love West Africa and have loved living in Bamako. - Jul 2011

Yes! - Jul 2011

Yes, but only if the leadership were to change at the US Embassy (it's been a significant morale issue for many people at Post). - Oct 2010

Compared to what other choices I have for Africa, this is better than Chad or Nigeria. However, if it was between here and Kenya, I'd pick Kenya. The best thing about Mali is the nice people -- and it's very safe inside the city. - May 2010

Yes, definitely. It was exactly what I expected. It is definitely a hardship post, which is not for everyone, but if you're low maintenance, can entertain yourself, and don't need to be doing something all of the time, you'll really enjoy the wonderful Malian people. - Sep 2009

Absolutely. - Apr 2009

Yes. I love it here. The weather is great, the housing is nice, kids are showered with affection by their nannies, and morale is high. - Feb 2009

Yes. Absolutely. - Feb 2009

There are a lot worse places to be in Africa if you compare other countries on the continent. Given some other choices, sure I'd still come here. The people are great, there is hardly any crime, housing is nice, the school is fine, and you can find restaurants and groceries. But..the cost is high, there aren't a lot of activities to do, and the handful of decent restaurants get old fast. - Jan 2009

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