Bamako - Post Report Question and Answers

But don't forget your:

Flexibility and open-mindedness. - Apr 2021

Sunscreen, mosquito repellent, sense of adventure, curiosity about cultures, late-night energy for music events, step-up/step-down power converters. For some reason one thing that gives me a lot of joy is my hammock: napping in the shade or watching the incredible rainstorms and lightning shows from my little porch is oddly soothing. - Apr 2017

Anti-malarials! Sense of humor. Patience. Flexibility. - Aug 2014

Sunscreen, mosquito repellent, swimsuit, linen, long skirts, flip flops, smile and sense of humor (Malians love to laugh), patience to ask about people's families and health 50 times a day, directness, whatever you need to make your home an oasis. - Jul 2011

Flexibility, sense of humor, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, toys, books, games, sandals. - Jul 2011

DVDs, books, board games, cards, anything that will help you pass the time. Also, suntan lotion and pool equipment (all Embassy houses have pools). - Oct 2010

smile, open mind, patience, sunblock, sunglasses, hats, hiking boots, entertainment system, work out equipment - May 2010

malaria prophylaxis, ant spray, and cash. - Sep 2009

Sense of adventure and sunscreen. - Apr 2009

CONSUMABLES, DVDs, bathing suit, and postage stamps. - Feb 2009

Sense of adventure, sense of humor, sunscreen, swimming suit, and appreciation for a fascinating culture. - Feb 2009

Bug spray, sunscreen, swimsuit and pool gear. - Jan 2009

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