Bamako - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

It is not a large expat community, but it is a cohesive, friendly one. - Apr 2021

I don't have much experience but I believe it's fairly small. Morale is OK in general among the expat community. It waxes and wanes as family situations change --last summer the American Embassy sent away kids under 21 and it's still an adults-only post, which many find difficult. The Hash and house parties are the most common expat events. - Apr 2017

Expat community is somewhat small but expanding quickly. So many new NGOs popping up and the UN is always bringing in new people. The US embassy community is fantastic. You really become so close to everyone and people start feeling like family. There is ALWAYS something to do on the weekends. - Aug 2014

A small, but interesting and nice, group of Anglophones. - Jul 2011

Pretty big with people from everywhere working with NGOs, the UN, embassies, World Bank, evangelical missions, etc. - Jul 2011

Fairly large, mostly French and Lebanese, and a surprisingly large number of Danish and Dutch expats. The expat communities don't intermingle much. - Oct 2010

Americans- 100Brits canadian, german, danish- 200?french- alot - May 2010

Not very big. - Sep 2009

Small. - Apr 2009

Smallish. - Feb 2009

Small - mostly French, but in addition to Americans there were South Africans, Germans, and Dutch. - Feb 2009

One of the largest contingents of peace corps here and lots of NGOs. The diplomatic community is fairly small and tends not to do things together. - Jan 2009

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