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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Most expats have a housekeeper or housekeeper/cook, either full time or part time. They usually are not live-in. Salaries are very low compared to US or Europe, but similar to elsewhere in Africa. Some expats also have gardeners, nannies, or drivers. - Apr 2021

Widely available, quality varies, cost is decent. I pay about $90 a month for a housekeeper who cleans and cooks three times a week. Gardeners/pool maintenance runs about the same, I believe. You can get part-time or full-time help as you need it. Nannies, cooks, housekeepers, gardeners, etc., are all available. - Apr 2017

Reasonable. We have a daily housekeeper who also cooks occasionally that we pay around US$240 a month. We have a gardener/pool guy/dog walker we pay around US$160 a month. I've heard these are high prices though so it really depends. - Aug 2014

Lots of people available, for about $200/month. Very few speak English. The major issue is that Malian's view of what is important in keeping a house is much more utilitarian than beautiful. Some wishes can be conveyed and trained, others you will have to let go of until you move to another post. You can leave your Feng Shui in Asia. - Jul 2011

Great Malian domestic help! We have a cook/cleaner, a nanny, a gardner who comes once a month, the pool cleaner, and the guards (one for day, one for night). Household help varies between 80 to 200 dollars, depending on working hours and experience. - Jul 2011

Cheap and reliable help can be easily found. Go through other expats (not Americans) to find better cooks and domestic help. Americans overpay and their staff are not as qualified. You can pay a housekeeper around 50 USD/monthfor part-time work (2-3 times a week).A cook, especially if s/he is professionally trained, will set you back at 150 USD/month for full-time work. - Oct 2010

140 dollars for full time maid/cook( not live in) 100-120 dollars for full time garderner (also does pool and wash cars) - May 2010

Very available and very affordable. Everyone has 1 if not 2 people working for them. Expect to pay between 80-120 USD for a gardener, 150-180 USD for a cook/housekeeper, and 150-200 USD for a nanny. - Sep 2009

Available and cheap around US$125 to $175 a month. - Apr 2009

US$200 a month for a full time nanny. Anywhere from US$100-200 a month for a housekeeper (depending on how often).About US$100 a month for a part time gardener (necessary to take care of the pool). - Feb 2009

We paid about US$200 a month for a part-time gardener and another US$200 for a part-time housekeeper. - Feb 2009

Plenty available. Standards vary a lot. Full time maid is about US$180 a month, same with gardener. Americans tend to overpay, so you can negotiate, and help is a dime a dozen, so don't settle for substandard help. - Jan 2009

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