Ouagadougou - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you recommend any books or movies about this city/country for those who are interested in learning more?

The Parachute Drops. The Water Princess (for kids). - Dec 2017

If you haven't lived in Africa yet, read "The Shadow of the Sun" by Ryszard Kapuscinski. - May 2016

Lonely Planet for West Africa. It's a little out of date, but still worth a read. - Jul 2013

The best travel guides are in French, but Brandt has one on Burkina Faso that's fairly recent. Caution on Lonely Planet's West Africa guide: it was published a few years ago and much is out of date. Businesses fail here pretty often. - Nov 2012

A french dictionary and a Burkina Faso guide book. - Aug 2008

Brandt travel guide is good - but it does make the crocodiles sound better than they are... - Jul 2008

The Bradt travel guide to Burkina Faso. - Jun 2008

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