Ouagadougou - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

Lots of middle eastern food, good shawarma, falafel, humus. A few Italian restaurants. A few pizza, burger, salad joints. Several good French restaurants. 1 Indian food restaurant, if you're desperate. Moderately-to-expensive in terms of price. Most will deliver for small fee, but can take awhile to arrive. - Jun 2020

There are a lot of restaurants in Ouaga. Everybody seems to have their favorite. Fried chicken was very popular with people we knew. - Oct 2019

There are no familiar chain brands of restaurants in Ouagadougou. There are a lot of restaurants with a diversity of fares including hamburgers, fried chicken, pizza, French, Korean, Chinese, as well as local. - Jul 2019

There are numerous restaurants popular with the expat community that offer a variety of cuisines such as Korean, Chinese, French, and local, as well as hamburgers and pizza. There are no American or European-branded restaurants in Ouagadougou. - Jul 2019

You can find a variety of restaurants here - Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian, Indian, Lebanese, and lots of European/french cuisine. Food delivery is possible from several restaurants. - Dec 2017

It depends how you define fast food. American fast food? No. Various forms of food cooked in roadside stands? Yes. You'll see grilled chicken, schwarma, and burgers. Cost is low. Most Americans don't seem to try it, but I can verify the chicken is quite good. - May 2016

No fast food restaurants. There are a number of decent restaurants around town that offer a range of cuisine (Korean, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, French, Lebanese, Turkish, Italian) that aren't too expensive. Quality varies. You won't find anything amazing, but there certainly are some great options out there. - Aug 2015

American-style fast food isn't available, but there are increasing amounts of fried chicken joints, wings, burgers, etc. We even saw a panini food cart the other day. The American cultural center has passable Mexican food. Other options are maquis, local open air places with beer and soft drinks and a variety of basic food options - kebabs, fries, couscous, sometimes burgers. Fancier restaurant options tend towards what I'd call franco-african... French food with a West African twist. There's are decent Japanese and Vietnamese places and some Italian and Lebanese food. - Jun 2015

There is no fast food. The closest would be the sandwiches or pre-cooked pizzas at Baguette du Faso which is on the main road that connect the new Embassy area to the airport road. You can also get pre-made salads at the alimentation just down the road from there, Bon Samaritan. There are a ton of restaurants and most will cost you about US$40 for 2 consisting of a dinner and one drink each. - Jul 2013

We never tried street meat, which would be the only fast food available. There are a surprising number of decent restaurants, including Vietnamese, Indian, French, and pizza joints. Prices vary, but lean towards the expensive side. - Jul 2013

No fast food, but a small set of decent eateries. - Apr 2013

Fast food is available, in the form of "mouton au four", chicken and beef kabobs, and other African-type fast food. American-style fast food is not common. Food is generally pretty cheap, but there are some surprisingly expensive and very good restaurants in Ouagadougou. - Nov 2012

None. - Aug 2010

There are no fast foods, but in pretty much every restaurant there are french fries!!! (pomme frites) There are pizza places. Some pizza places are Gondwana, Le Verdoyant (very good spaghetti also) and Paradisio. - Aug 2008

There are a surprising variety of decent restaurants in Ouaga. There is even a pizza place that will deliver. But no American style fast food except at the American Rec Center. - Jul 2008

There are several large hotels with upscale restaurants. But, Ouaga has plenty of good restaurants offering European (Austria/German, French, Italian), Indian, oriental (Thai, Chinese), American, Middle Eastern and African cuisine. At current exchange rates (425 CFA/$), entrees are typically $7-$10. Beer and soft drinks about US$2 and wine US$4/glass. Tips are minimal, typically any leftover change. - Jun 2008

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