Ouagadougou - Post Report Question and Answers

Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Yes, probably. I enjoy my house, my friends and my job. I think two years will be enough, though. - Jun 2020

No. The embassy was a very difficult environment in which to work and the harsh conditions in the country provided no respite. With the deteriorating security situation it is probably only going to get worse. - Oct 2019

It is hard to say, but probably not. Overall it was not an enjoyable experience. - Jul 2019

No, I regret coming here. Though Ouagadougou itself is not unbearable, overall this has been the most negative experience of my career. - Jul 2019

YES! We're really happy being here and our child loves it. - Dec 2017

Yes and no. When we bid, it was known as a hardship tour with a very stable political and security situation. Half of that equation has since changed, although it still doesn't impact life much on a day-to-day basis. We don't regret coming here, but we are looking forward to a break from the Sahel in a different region. - May 2016

Absolutely. We've been very happy here. - Aug 2015

In a heartbeat. In fact, we'd come back again. - Jun 2015

We came to Burkina because it was a smart move career wise. Our kids are young and don't know what other countries really have to offer, even the U.S.! We've been happy here. I miss green grass, fresh air, reliable grocery shopping, normal traffic, things to do outside of your house on a long weekend... That said, it's completely doable. You can even like it. You'll find things that make it good for you and then you'll be just fine for however long you're assigned here. (Find N'ice Cream! And the schwarma at Laico.) Good luck getting your family to spell or pronounce it right before you leave post! - Jan 2015

Absolutely, in a heartbeat. - Jul 2013

Yes. Though it was difficult for our family, it was a good experience and helped us to appreciate the US. - Jul 2013

Absolutely not. We are not happy here. Don't listen to the folks that want to make you feel good by claiming Ouagadougou is "great." They're lying--- but trying to be positive. - Apr 2013

Absolutely. Everyone I know who is leaving either doesn't want to leave, or they're happy to be leaving because of the job, not the country. - Nov 2012

Yes, without a doubt. - Aug 2010

Of course. - Aug 2008

Most definitely!Our kids have been very happy here. The school and community was exactly the right fit for them. It's not easy to live here all the time, but the people are beautiful and welcoming. We'd definitely come here again. - Jul 2008

Absolutely! This has been a great experience. Part of it is the ambiance here. The people are super friendly, although there is a lot of poverty - Jun 2008

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