Ouagadougou - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Baking goods: baking soda, baking powder, choc powder, choc chips, coconut. Mexican food items: cumin, adobe, chilis, salsas, tortilla chips. Asian food items: rice vinegar, soy sauce, fish sauce. - Jun 2020

Some of our favorite snacks and convenience foods as well as quality cleaning supplies. - Oct 2019

Favorite brands of specific items. - Jul 2019

Cleaning supplies. Convenience foods. Favorite brands. - Jul 2019

Liquids because you can't get much through diplomatic pouch. (craft beer, cleaning liquids.) - Dec 2017

More dark beer and microbrews. - May 2016

Liquids that can't come through the pouch: laundry soap, good dish detergent, olive oils (available but expensive), good quality beer. - Aug 2015

Good power regulators. - Jun 2015

With Amazon prime, Boxed, Netgrocer, etc. the items I would bring are things you cannot ship or that you use a lot. I have grown tired of local toilet paper, so we ship it! Ridiculous, I know. We order bulk in snacks, diapers, etc. Laundry detergent, cleaning supplies you prefer, oils, dressings, marinades, etc. - Jan 2015

A Toyota rather than a Honda. "Feel good" snack foods for when you just can't deal with the strangeness of it all. More oil and laundry detergent. Both are super expensive and oil cannot be shipped through pouch. Honestly though, just get Amazon Prime and ship a lot to yourself. Mail days are like Christmas. - Jul 2013

I would ship a bike and perhaps an open one-way ticket out of this place. - Apr 2013

We'd definitely ship more American snacks. - Nov 2012

Baking supplies and more cleaning supplies. - Aug 2010

Toys, swingset for the kids, American foodstuffs, 220volt ice cream maker, art supplies, extra shoes - yours will wear out very quickly, swifter - for the dust on EVERYTHING, diapers, food vacuum sealer with bags - to preserve seasonal fruits and veggies. - Jul 2008

Maybe just some favorite foods that are unobtainable here (Cheerios, pancake syrup). - Jun 2008

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