Ouagadougou - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Golf is a lot of fun if you are up for the challenge of a dirt course. The golf community is hardy, welcoming and loyal.Maquis are a great way to have a beer with locals and people watch, find your neighborhood maquis, have a seat and just chill. If you play soccer, go to your neighborhood "field" and join in with the locals, typically in the evenings. Take up tennis. Hiring a pro to each is incredibly cheap. I haven't been, but I hear a lot about horse riding & stables. - Jun 2020

See question 7 above. - Oct 2019

Nazinga game preserve, Banfora, and the mask festival at Dédougou were all interesting trips, but now are off limits to embassy personnel. There is a travel advisory against anyone traveling outside Ouagadougou. - Jul 2019

Nazinga Ranch game preserve is a popular spot to see elephants in the wild. In Banfora there are some attractions such as the waterfalls, the domes, and the sacred Boabab tree. The Dédougou mask festival was worth the drive. Beyond those, very little to do over a long tour. And now most of the country is off limits to embassy personnel and there is a travel advisory against anyone traveling outside Ouagadougou. - Jul 2019

Bobo Dioulasso (mud mosque, old city, nightlife), Banfora (rock formations, waterfalls), Sindou Peaks, Nazinga park (elephants!), Arli and Park W (though harder to get to (8 hour drive, they're worth it for the wildlife.) Kaya to see the leather markets. Tiebele painted village. There are several day trips you can easily do from Ouaga (Loumbila, Laongo sculptures, sacred crocodiles of Bazoule, Koubri). - Dec 2017

Safari at Nazinga, the waterfalls at Banfora, dance festival in Bobo-Dioulasso, the biannual film festival in Ouagadougou, the mask festival in Dedougou, talking a walk in Ouaga's forest park (and steering clear of the crocodiles that live there). Social life in Ouagadougou mostly revolves around house parties and the occasional odd activity (bowling, a trip to Faso Parc, which is an amusement park dreamed up by personal injury attorneys.) We are surprised at how busy we are on a weekly basis, but there are still moments of feeling like there's nothing to do. I miss parks. - May 2016

There are lots of fun and interesting things to do if you're willing to brave the heat and seek them out. The tourist industry is really undeveloped so it's on you to ask around and look for what interests you! - Aug 2015

About 30 minutes outside of Ouaga in Loumbila there are a couple of resorts that have nice pools, bars, restaurants, playgrounds and hotels. They also offer jet-skiing, boat rides, etc. There's also a go-kart track outside of town. - Jun 2015

There is a Facebook group that shares many interesting things to do that I never knew existed not too long ago. A bowling alley, unreliable but when it works is fun. I've heard of go carts. A FANTASTIC ice-cream shop just opened up that has changed my life for the better. :) N'ice Cream! - Jan 2015

Um... - Jul 2013

There is a small assortment of restaurants, but other than that, not much. - Apr 2013

Nazinga Ranch for elephant-watching, camping in the east, playing sports, waterfalls and rock formation in Banfora, visiting small villages, shopping for handicrafts, attending the biannual film festival, drinking beer and eating brochettes in the maquis. - Nov 2012

You can go see crocodiles (and pet them) elephants, antelope and TONS of lizards and geckos!! They also have a Mask Festival with some other embassy families. It's really amazing!! - Aug 2008

If you like to do something - start a group and you're guaranteed to find others to do it too. There are a couple bowling alleys, places to play pool, and some night clubs. ISO and the American Rec Center have pools and tennis courts that you can pay to use. Every other year there is a film festival that brings artists from all over the world. Most large villages will have mask festivals once a year, which, while rustic, can be very neat to see. And you can always visit the sacred crocodiles. - Jul 2008

Get out and explore the city, country and the culture. There are several guidebooks available (the Bradt book is the best, and most enjoyable read that we've found). - Jun 2008

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