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What accommodations do schools make for special-needs kids?

It would be best to check with the individual schools. Capabilities will vary by school and the needs of the child. - Jul 2019

It is a small school and does not have the capacity to do a lot, but will make an effort if possible. - Jul 2019

If you're child has special needs, be sure to reach out to the school ahead of time to see if they can accommodate your child, it's on a case by case basis. - Dec 2017

They try their best, but it's limited. There are some providers on the local economy (speech, occupational therapy), but they are overwhelmingly francophone. - May 2016

Very few. I would think twice before coming here with a child with any sort of special needs, including mild reading disorders. - Aug 2015

There are currently no accomodations that I know of. - Jul 2013

ISO will do what they can if they have the resources, but those are limited and I believe only extremely mild cases could be handled. - Jul 2013

Not much from what I've seen. - Nov 2012

There is not a lot for extensive special needs. However, ISO is a small enough school to be flexible to accomodate minor learning difficulties. The French clinic sometimes has a speech therapist here who will work with kids - but they generally need to speak French. That said, we were able to hire a missionary spouse who was also a teacher to work with our special needs child in and out of the classroom. This arrangement resulted in significant measurable improvement in her academic progress. Starting in 2009 - ISO hopes to add a special needs coordinator to the faculty who will be able to track, assess, and better accomodate children with mild special needs. - Jul 2008

ISO does accommodate some special-needs kids, but you'd have to contact them for your specific needs. - Jun 2008

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