Ouagadougou - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

This a great place to buy local artwork such as wooden carvings, jewelry and brightly colored cloth. - Jun 2020

No. - Oct 2019

Not really. Some local crafts available at the Grande Marché or the Village Artisanal. - Jul 2019

Not much here beyond the Grande Marché or the Village Artisanal. - Jul 2019

Certain handicrafts - especially bronze statues, woven baskets, leather jewelry and boxes. Faso Danfani fabric. - Dec 2017

The full range of African handicrafts. A few things more unique to this region of Africa: bronze sculptures, Tuareg jewelry, and the illusive Tuareg sword. - May 2016

Bronze statues, woven baskets, masks, fabrics. - Aug 2015

Faso Dafani, locally woven fabric. - Jun 2015

Bronze statues, baskets, fabric... - Jan 2015

Bronze statues. - Jul 2013

Local crafts, travel. - Jul 2013

Brass local artwork or Tuareg swords and trinkets. - Apr 2013

Burkinabe do amazing bronze and leather work, and you can get incredible deals on beautiful wooden masks from Mali and Ghana. Taureg silver jewelry and household items (I bought a beautiful dagger and bottle opener) are incredible as well. - Nov 2012

Leather products, Tuareg swords, masks, carvings, art. - Aug 2010

There are a lot of antiques you can get there like wood or metal carvings, jewelry, hand made shoes and clothes and stuff like that. The best place to get it is at Village de Artisans off Charles De Gaulle. - Aug 2008

Leather work, african masks and other art from the region, local fabric - Jul 2008

Objets d'art (bronze, masks, Dogon doors, musical instruments, fabric, jewelry). - Jun 2008

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