But don't forget your:

Pool toys. - Oct 2019

Sense of humor. - Jul 2019

Insect repellant and sunscreen. - Jul 2019

Sense of adventure, flexibility, sunscreen, and bug spray. - Dec 2017

Wide variety of inflatable pool items. - May 2016

Sunscreen, pool toys, and positive attitude. - Aug 2015

Open mind, sunscreen, mosquito net. - Jun 2015

Sunscreen, pool toys, board games, patience, and positive attitude. - Jul 2013

Tolerance level. - Apr 2013

Swimsuit, board games, music/DVDs, sunscreen, digital camera, cosmetics, computer, SUV, patience and an open-mind - Nov 2012

sun screen and bug spray. - Aug 2010

Rain coat and umbrella. - Aug 2008

dust rags, replacement tires (soooooooo expensive here), tennis rackets, books, and movies - Jul 2008

Charcoal grill (see the above), sun screen, shades. - Jun 2008

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