Ouagadougou - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Business casual for work. Burkinabe put a lot of stock on dressing nicely, clean, & put together. Suits/coats for important meetings. People dress in comfortable, but nice clothes while out to dinner or concerts, etc. Heat is often a contributing factor, but plan on wearing conservative, but nice clothing. - Jun 2020

Conservative attire. - Oct 2019

Suits, dresses, and/or business casual at work. Shorts and t-shirts are acceptable otherwise, but generally need to be somewhat conservative. - Jul 2019

Business attire, i.e., suits and dresses, at work. Otherwise dress is usually casual, but conservative. - Jul 2019

Business or business casual at work, you may need formal dress for work functions (galas, etc.). In public places, t-shirts/blouses/jeans and skirts are fine, though short skirts, shorts, and revealing clothing is not recommended. - Dec 2017

Given the climate, the dress code is a little more suit- and tie-centric than you would expect. Burkinabe businesspeople dress well, so there is certainly a culture of putting on your best. - May 2016

Conservative. People dress nicely here and tend to cover knees and shoulders even when it's hot. Shorts (longer length) and tank tops are seen and ok for expats, but expect to feel underdressed and get a few extra stares. - Aug 2015

Depends on the agency and event. Some agencies are business casual while others wear suits to work every day. For the most part, Burkinabe lean to formal dress. - Jul 2013

Casual. - Apr 2013

Surprisingly formal. Burkinabe dress up, either in suits or colorful traditional clothing, and I've been the most underdressed person at several events. As a result, I've actually bought a few things here and on trips to Europe to dress up a little bit more. - Nov 2012

Casual. - Aug 2010

Lots of shorts and t-shirts. It's hot!! - Aug 2008

Business - shirt & tie for men, long skirts/pants for women. Suits are required for upper level meetings - but not for daily work. No one wears shorts - but capri pants are acceptable casual wear. - Jul 2008

Generally business casual (slacks, open necked shirts for men, slacks or skirts for women). - Jun 2008

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