Ouagadougou - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

Most people host dinner parties or pool parties. There are some sports: petanke, volleyball, soccer. No American club, per se. There is a dirt golf course which is a lot of fun. There is a decent music scene as well, lots of local venues as well as the French Institute which gets acts from all around West Africa to perform. - Jun 2020

Make your own fun. Attend functions at the school or the embassy. - Oct 2019

Gatherings at the embassy, school or private residences. - Jul 2019

Functions at the school, the embassy, or parties in people’s homes. - Jul 2019

Lots of informal BBQs and dinners at friends. Softball and frisbee leagues. Trivia nights. Ladies groups including the Club International des Femmes and "Ladies Lunches." The American Employees Association sponsors a lot of community events (Halloween, Easter, 4th of July, Christmas, Welcome BBQs). French language classes and conversation groups. For kids, there are many after school activities. Waga Studio also offers exercise classes and art lessons for kids and adults. The restaurant scene has grown and there are many good and affordable options. - Dec 2017

House parties and restaurants. - May 2016

Most people entertain at home or go to restaurants. There is a bowling alley that will open if you call ahead and a go kart track that's fun (even though goats wander onto the track sometimes!). If you like the outdoors and can handle the heat (or get up really early!), people run and bike in the forest near Zone du Bois, or on the south edge of town near the Embassy. There is a hiking club organized by the French. The French cultural center has regular programs including musicians, films and art exhibits. - Aug 2015

Eating out, drinking with friends, having folks over. The French cultural center has performances, movies and live music. Monthly hikes organized by the French embassy folks. Lots of activities based out of the international school - softball, etc. - Jun 2015

Mostly family get-togethers, BBQ's, and game nights. - Jul 2013

Home entertainment primarily. - Apr 2013

Social life usually involves going out to restaurants, pot-luck dinners, movie nights, barbecues, celebrating American holidays, Marine Guard events, or events at the French cultural center like occasional concerts or embassy-hosted rep events and happy hours. - Nov 2012

Nightclubs, bars, dinners at friends' houses, restaurants. - Aug 2010

Revolves mostly around the home. People organize movie nights, wine & cheese socials, spa days, Bunco, etc. It's what you make of it. If you want to do something - others will join you. But don't expect that there will always be something going on unless you're willing to make it happen. - Jul 2008

It depends on how friendly and outgoing you are. - Jun 2008

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