Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

Yes, the security situation is very unsafe. There are regular car jackings and robberies. Many expats drive with a security escort, or at least have a panic button in their car. - May 2019

Absolutely. 70% of the local women are victims of spousal or sexual abuse. Carjackings are common, as are break-ins (although not in embassy housing). Expat women have been raped in situations that would surprise you (like a hotel bathroom). You can not walk outside of compounds or shopping centers. And you don't really want to walk around shopping centers because they are generally dirty (shoes are optional at most shopping centers, especially for children). There are no parks or playgrounds. You must always be on your guard in public. It's exhausting and stressful for EFM's and children who don't have the safety of the Embassy every day. - Jun 2016

Security concerns are high in Port Moresby, with carjackings, muggings, and break-ins of expats and locals. The security community has noted that in the past year, crime is more planned and not just opportunistic. That said, you don't see AK-47s and if you've lived in other cities with high crime rates, or post-conflict countries, it's relatively not bad in Moresby. The problem is more the low security infrastructure and lack of well trained personnel. There is a local building code against solid brick/stone walls around compounds. Security guards are often poorly paid and poorly trained, except for UN ones. - Jun 2008

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