Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

It was very expensive when we were there. We paid the equivalent of US $400 a month for wifi. We we're able to stream Netflix and YouTube. Lots of people didn't have wifi at home though, just a dongle or phone data. - May 2019

Yes, but it is slow and incredibly expensive. For unlimited data, you could pay as much as $1000 US per month. That is not a typo. Most pay a few hundred for service that will generally not allow you to live stream. You can download overnight or longer and then watch. PNG has some of the most expensive internet in the world. No matter what you pay, you will encounter frequent complete outages. A huge bummer. - Jun 2016

Not exactly, unless you work at the World Bank or a place that has its own satellite (satellite licenses are prohibitively expensive and limited by government). Many companies use dial up service or ADSL which is still not fast. If you work at home or do a lot of up/downloading, you can get 512kb speed wireless at a very high cost (ie $500 to $1000 a month) from Daltron or Datec. Islander Village and places in town have lines of sight. You can access internet at the Yacht club or the major hotels by buying 100K cards to connect. You pay for the amount of data you up/download, not the time per se. There are two expensive internet cafes in town, not high speed. - Jun 2008

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