What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

This is a consumables post. Bring peanut butter (the local version has a different consistency), Nutella, maple syrup, pickles, mustards, salsa, juice, alcohol, oils, soda, pasta sauces, anything you really like and can't ship via pouch. While you may be able to get many of the above items here, it is really expensive and the quality is not the same. The diplomatic pouch is your friend. - Jun 2016

A trampoline or kids play equipment and a good exercise machine (lack of yard space, lack of exercise here), cooler, more blue ice packs, sports equipment (diving, snorkeling, scooters, bikes, life-jackets/PFDs, harnesses for Hobie sailing, a boat if I had the space; pool toys/inflatable raft; black sports shoes in the next size up for kids uniform; more Crocs; more bathing suits and rash guards for everyone in the family, long and short sleeves, for sun and sea lice that sting; reef shoes; tennis racquets and shoes; clothes and shoes; mesh sports bags for diving/snorkeling stuff and small mesh sports bags for kids swim gear; 220v bread, yogurt and ice cream makers; pasta maker; big 220v freezer or extra fridge to keep bugs from multiplying in the flour, cereal, rice, etc.; extra sheets. Lots of arts & crafts supplies for kids. Gifts for kids birthday parties. Invitations, thank you cards and party favors. (If you are short on space, there is a neat store here, though, Gifts Galore). - Jun 2008

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