What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

There are plenty of fascinating places to visit in the highlands and coastal areas, if you are adventurous and have the $$$. - May 2019

Renting Embassy boat to visit Fisherman's Island or Lion Island; Crystal Rapids, Koitake Lodge, massages at Airways Hotel. - Jun 2016

The reefs in PNG are amazing and breathtaking. In Port Moresby: diving and snorkeling (from Airways, Yacht Club or Loloata Island); day or weekend trips to Loloata; sailing (yachts, Hobie Cat 16s, and Optimists for the kids), motor boating, going to Lolorua or Fisherman's Island; traditional Pacific kayaking; going Crystal Rapids picnic and swimming in river; Bootless Bay or other private beach day trips north of Port Moresby; tennis, soccer, squash, gyms; Port Moresby Arts Theatre; Aliance Francaise activities at the university; BBQ and hanging out at the Yacht Club; volunteering (but you need a visa for this if it's more than a couple hours a week). - Jun 2008

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