Lagos - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

Northern VA. It ranges from 16 hours to 30+ depending on layovers. Connections are anywhere from 1 to 4. Travel is moderately traveling due to getting to and from the airport and cost of flights (average cost for 1 person in economy is currently $2k). - Mar 2024

The East Coast of the US. Delta direct (12 hours) or else transit through Europe. It's a long trip for sure, and easy direct get aways are not really prevalent. - Aug 2020

East Coast Megalopolis - travel takes around 16 hours, you'll need to fly to New York or Atlanta for a non-stop flight to Lagos. The US to Lagos flight is about 10 hours. - Jul 2020

We're from the New York area. A direct JFK-Lagos flight started not long into our time in Lagos, which was great for us; the flight itself is about ten hours. There's also an Atlanta flight that's a bit longer. The particular difficulty with flying into/out of Lagos is that even if, like us, you are lucky to not need any connecting flights in the US, the potential for traffic stretching what can be a 15 minute drive into a 4 hour one and the insanity of the airport means that you need to leave for your flight about six-eight hours before it's scheduled to take off. This also discourages the concept of quick weekend trips. Flying back into Lagos is better, though baggage claim can take a long time. - Jun 2019

DC. It runs about 13 hours with a transfer typically through Frankfurt. - Aug 2018

USA- about 14 hours flight time, but much longer when you factor in connection times, and how early you have to leave for the airport because of traffic. Usually about 24 hours door-to-door. - Mar 2018

Washington, DC. Delta flies nonstop to Atlanta, about 11 hours. United flies into Houston, 13 hours. Arik Air (a local carrier) flies into New York City, 10 hours. Connections to the U.S. are available through London, Frankfurt, and Paris. - May 2016

There are direct flights from Atlanta (Delta) and Houston (United), which are 12 and 14 hours respectively. From either hub, you can get anywhere in the States quickly. - Nov 2015

Washington DC. 22-24 hours. Connecting Flight at Atlanta to Lagos directly. Europe is an alternative. - Dec 2011

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