Lagos - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

We were able to get it hooked up quickly, and can usually get a fast response when something goes wrong. We pay about $60 for decent service. It works well most of the time, though occasionally it flickers. - Aug 2020

There is a "fiber" option available, it's generally adequate to stream movies though it does go down every month on a random weekend it seems. Our social sponsor had it set up for us when we arrived. - Jul 2020

Yes, though the fastest option (IPNX) has frequent outages and poor customer service. We were lucky enough to have our social sponsor set our internet up on our behalf before we arrived. Those who were not so lucky, or who moved into Regents before it was wired, used wifi pucks until theirs was set up. - Jun 2019

The high speed internet is not high speed at all. You will become very familiar with Netflix's loading screen. - Aug 2018

Depending on your compound, yes. Glover and Cameron both have wifi access; Regents is apparently having the network installed right now. You can set it up in a couple of days after arrival or have your social sponsor do it for you. It's about $45/month. It has been known to go out for hours during heavy rainstorms. Regents residents seem to all use internet hotspots. - Mar 2018

No, Internet access for up to 1 mb/s is about $100 a month. It can run Netflix and music streaming, but it's slow and expensive. On the plus side, Nigeria does not block anything. - May 2016

"High speed" is relative. You can get Netflix-streaming internet for US$90 a month. - Nov 2015

Yes, but access is difficult during the middle of the weekday since bandwidth is limited and lines get clogged. Cost is high -- $80/month for unlimited access. - Dec 2011

Can be done in residences, but expensive; costs $500 set-up plus monthly use. Consulate has 3 terminals for family members to use with high-speed internet access. Family members use these a lot for internet courses and shopping. - Sep 2008

Use the internet at work for everything. Nothing is safe at home. The internet is avaliable but is HORRIBLE. - May 2008


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