Lagos - Post Report Question and Answers

What kind of car do you recommend bringing to post, given the terrain, availability of parts, burglary/carjacking risks, etc.? What kind of car do you advise not to bring?

One with good clearance that you don't mind getting dinged up. - Aug 2020

An SUV: size varies on how big your family is, but generally a Honda or Toyota will serve you well. A lot of RAV4, CRV, Highlander, Pilot and Sequoias are seen in mission parking. Some people have smaller cars and some people have American brands, but Japanese cars are most common and more easily repaired. Also, do not bring something you're invested in, there is a high likelihood your car will at least get scratched if not dented in the crazy traffic here. I'd also consider investing in a bullbar for the front of your vehicle. - Jul 2020

Don't bring a sedan or anything you care about. We purchased (and then later resold) a RAV4 from someone departing post, which worked well for us. It's pretty crucial to have something with high clearance since rainy season can turn the roads into rivers (seriously) in minutes. - Jun 2019

High ground clearance is a necessity because all of the streets flood when it rains. Road quality is also severely lacking and could become impassable for some sedans. - Aug 2018

Something with higher clearance is better for the rainy season, but people seem to get by with sedans as well. Japanese brands seem to be the most popular. New car parts are difficult to come by even for popular brands and should be shipped in your HHE if possible. I don't think I'd want an American car here for those reasons. You will probably get into at least a couple of fender benders. There have not been many cars for sale within the diplomatic community for the last few months, but that may change when people PCS. A few people recently bought cars on the local market. - Mar 2018

Most people have small SUV's like Rav4's and CRV's. The clearance helps especially during rainy season. But there are people with sedans who get by OK. That said, everyone -- everyone -- has gotten into an accident of some sort. Expect to get dinged up. There are local mechanics and shops. Some people have had extensive work done on their cars and seem happy with the results. Check with CLO as to the latest information on what to bring. - May 2016

High clearance. When the rainy seasons come, flooding is everywhere and the roads wash out because the streets are filled in with sand. It's entertaining to watch people pour sand and rocks into holes, only to have that wash away and gouge out a bigger hole when the rain comes. It's typical of the lack of planning here. - Nov 2015

SUVs. - Dec 2011

Nigeria only allows newer model cars to be brought in. Get something with high clearance -- lots of potholes, monster speed bumps, obstacles and floods. I drove both left-hand and right-hand cars there. Traffic is horrendous and not for the faint hearted; parking is a nightmare too. Many have drivers to act as human parking meters. - Sep 2008

I suggest an SUV, the rainy season can be very hard on cars. Car labor is extremely cheap and decent. Carjackings are quite common. NEVER drive at night on the Lekki. - May 2008


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