Lagos - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

Most popular places are Asian, Lebanese, Pizza, and Nigerian. - Mar 2024

Many good restaurant options available, including Thai, Indian, Lebanese, Sushi, etc. a fair amount of takeout and delivery. Some fast food, like Cold Stone Creamery, Dominoes, KFC. No Starbucks. - Aug 2020

Lagos has a pretty robust restaurant scene and many of them deliver. You don't have the full spectrum of restaurants you may see in more developed cities, but there is a good variety available. There are a number of Indian and Lebanese restaurants that are pretty good. There is a Mexican place, even a sushi place, a Korean place, some Chinese options. American fast food is available but limited to Dominos, KFC, Johnny Rockets and Cold Stone Creamery. There is a nice French bistro chain that has recently opened up and is very popular with expatriates and well-off Nigerians. There is even a pop-up Ethiopian restaurant that will deliver on weekends. All in all, we were surprised by the wide variety and pretty good quality of restaurant food available. - Jul 2020

Jumia is the main food delivery service, though a fair number of "start up" restaurants (and businesses in general) conduct delivery business entirely via Instagram and WhatsApp (no storefront.) Our mainstays were Viceroy's for Indian, Casper & Gambini's Asian chicken salad, Bottles for TexMex, and Thai Thai. Our in-person favorites were the Executive Spot for suya and beers, the Backyard, Salma's, Nok, Pizzeriah, and Craft Gourmet. Art Cafe is pretty good for coffee/ambiance. - Jun 2019

There is a decent variety of restaurants and most of them offer delivery. Food can be pricey. - Aug 2018

Lagos has a couple really good restaurants and a lot of mediocre ones. Nok does West African fusion and was just written up in the NYTimes. RSVP is also nice. Pizze-riah is good for brick oven pizza, and others seem to like Orchid House (Thai), Thai-Thai (Thai... obviously), Jade Palace (Chinese), Izanagi (Japanese), the Syrian Club, Craft Gourmet, Lagoon, Sherlaton (Indian), and Casa Lydia (Nigerian and "continental"). "Fast food" options are Domino's and Johnny Rockets. The GQ also has a decent menu and they deliver (plus, you can put your orders on your account, so no cash necessary). Jumia is an online ordering platform that usually takes 60-90 minutes to deliver. Including wine/cocktails, a decent meal at a nice place can run from $40-$70/person. - Mar 2018

There isn't a lot of fast food. There's no McDonald's (the closest one is South Africa). Lagos loves its chicken: there's a KFC and Chicken Republic. It also has Dominos, Cold Stone, and Johnny Rockets. Some local pizza joints are good for the money. There's Lagoon, Casa Lydia, and the suya place down the block from one of the complexes. Expect to pay $30 per person unless you find some hidden gems. - May 2016

There's KFC, Dominos, and Coldstone's for American brand fast food. They're not too badly priced, but I don't eat there often. Decent restaurants? Ha. I get sick every time I eat out here. Cooks use the same knife to cut chicken and vegetables. They're blissfully unaware of what cross-contamination means. - Nov 2015

You can get Indian, Thai, pizza, and Lebanese. Delivery is available in certain areas. Also there are new chains of KFC around Victoria-island. These are not of the same quality as the ones back home. - Dec 2011

No good fast food. There is one decent pizza place on VI. Better restaurants are very expensive (US$200+ range): one each good japanese; Korean, Lebanese, Chinese, Mexican. There is one good bakery/donut shop that also sells ice cream scoops. - Sep 2008

There are no American/European chains. Indian, thai, pizza, Lebonese restaurants. Delievery is avaliable if you live in certain areas. - May 2008

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