Lagos - Post Report Question and Answers

Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

I would not, there are much better African posts. - Mar 2024

I would be less worried about it, but would not necessarily return again because there are so many other places to enjoy. I would certainly recommend it if people have a good reason for coming, i.e., job opportunity. - Aug 2020

No. As much as I was able to eventually come to appreciate aspects of Lagos, it does remain a hardship post for a reason, and without the ability to travel out at regular intervals, it would be much harder to stay. - Jul 2020

Doing it again would be a stretch, and there are definitely many many nicer places to spend a few years of your life. That said, it was fascinating, we made great friends, and we got to do all sorts of amazing travel we would never have otherwise done, so I'm glad we went. I think Lagos is likely best as a first post, before you have much to compare it to. - Jun 2019

No. - Aug 2018

Yes. I wouldn't come back for another posting, but I think it's just fine for 2-3 years. Most of the tenured officers extend. - Mar 2018

No. There are far too many nicer places in the world. - May 2016

Nope. I've been other places on the continent and never seen anything like this place. I can't wait to leave. - Nov 2015

Yes, it is challenging, but also full of adventures. - Dec 2011

No. - Sep 2008

Yes. - May 2008

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