Lagos - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

There are very limited facilities that are similar to US quality/standard. There is a nice Crossfit gym that was recently rennovated. Many diplomats use facilities on their compound or at the American Guest Quarters (American Club). - Mar 2024

Decent gyms available, including in apartment complexes. Expats can join the American GQ which also has a good gym, tennis, basketball and a pool. - Aug 2020

Two of the mission building complexes have gyms, the American Club (called the GQ) has a decent gym. There are a number of local options as well, including a crossfit gym. The GQ also has a pool, tennis courts and a basketball court. Community members are good about setting up events like regular basketball games. - Jul 2020

All the compounds except for Bells have small gyms. There is also a gym at the GQ, and a good number of private gyms for those interested. I'd guess they're at least as expensive as nice US gyms, but don't know that for sure. - Jun 2019

Gyms and workout facilities are a rarity in the city, but many of the housing compounds offer some kind of facilities. - Aug 2018

Each compound has a small gym with free weights and a couple of machines, and the GQ has a decent gym as well which is free with membership. The membership fees run about $100/adult or $250/families with children. Some people do CrossFit and yoga at the GQ or at studios in town. - Mar 2018

Every residence compound has a gym. The American General Quarters (GQ) club has a decent one. These are either free as part of the housing allowance or part of the GQ membership fee. There are private gyms but there's no point in doing that. - May 2016

The GQ has a gym as a part of membership there. Cameron and Tarin have small gyms too. I don't know about any on the commercial market. - Nov 2015

All foreign missions and expat companies had their own gyms. - Dec 2011

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