Lagos - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

It's pretty much hot all the time, with varying levels of moisture, but with AC inside everywhere, it's not that bad. You can go out in the mornings and evenings. - Aug 2020

Lagos is constantly hot, expect it to be at least 80F degrees on a daily basis, generally much higher. It will be humid for most of the year until the winter, but the lack of humidity in the winter is met with a dramatic rise in dust in the air from harmattan. - Jul 2020

Broadly, it's hot and humid the whole year. Within that, there are seasonal shifts. Harmattan runs from (roughly) December to March, and is dry, overcast, beige, and very unpleasant. There's a month or two after Harmattan ends and before rainy season begins where it's just very very hot and sunny. Rainy season lasts through most of the spring and summer, and is well named. The fall is the nicest time of year in Lagos--some rain, but not so much that it's cloudy all the time, a good breeze, and less extreme temperatures than the period between Harmattan and rainy season. - Jun 2019

The climate is hot and humid, or hot and rainy. The weather cools after a rain and for a brief few weeks can be beautiful. Then the harmattan sets in and a haze of Sahara dust blots out the sun for a few months. - Aug 2018

Hot. All the time. Rainy season is approximately May-August, with another less intense rainy season a few months later, and Harmattan is December-February. - Mar 2018

The climate is Africa-hot. It's always around 80-100F degrees and muggy. There's a rainy season between May and September when it rains just about every night, and often during the day. - May 2016

Harmattan from January to March (dusty wind, slightly cooler) April-early June (hot) June-October (rainy) November-December (hot and humid). There's really not a great time of year here. - Nov 2015

Dry and wet season. Hot: 28-35 degrees C., very humid. - Dec 2011

Hot and hotter. Rainy season during May-August. - Sep 2008

It's about 80 degrees all year round. Rainy season starts in April till August. August-March it's the harmatan. - May 2008


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