Lagos - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

You can buy lots of handicrafts, furniture, textiles, art, endless tablecloths and bags. - Aug 2020

People like to have clothing made here. Some find good homemade furniture. - Jul 2020

Many people have furniture made. Almost everyone has clothing made. There are tons of things to buy, if that's your thing and you're willing to do a little investigative work to find them. Instagram is a great resource for finding small businesses making everything from shoes to ultra modern chairs. - Jun 2019

You could easily have a new wardrobe made here - clothes and jewelry alike. There are artisans who do very nice cloth art. - Mar 2018

Not much. Some of the art is OK but nothing expressly "Nigerian." - May 2016

Trinkets and junk that isn't worth anything. - Nov 2015

Baskets, table cloths, small trinkets, and leather items. African beads, too. Wooden and rattan furniture can be made to order. African fabrics. Animal carvings and paintings. - Dec 2011

Baskets; table cloths; small trinkets and leather items; African beads. Wooden and rattan furniture can be made to order. African clothing. - Sep 2008

Africian goods such as paintings, masks, baskets, jewerly. - May 2008


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