Lagos - Post Report Question and Answers

But don't forget your:

Surge protectors and bug spray. - Mar 2024

Positive attitude, favorite clothing you would like to make copies of with cool local fabrics, outfits representing your culture if you have kids in school for international day. - Aug 2020

Patience. - Aug 2018

Assertiveness, sense of humor, Tums, winter clothes (for when you want a reprieve from Lagos in a cold place). - Mar 2018

Sense of adventure, board games, VPN, and Amazon prime account. - May 2016

Patience. This place is more frustrating than any place I've ever been. - Nov 2015

4x4 dark windows vehicle, preferably armored. The roads are terrible and during the rainy season all Victoria Island is a huge lagoon. - Dec 2011

Sense of humour and adventure; love for the unusual. A small change purse to hold the stinky currency. Reusable sturdy grocery shopping bags. - Sep 2008

Games, liquor, grits, TV, books, Charlie's Soap, all the yummy American food you love. - May 2008

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