Lagos - Post Report Question and Answers

If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Outdoor equipment (camping, sports, etc.) - Mar 2024

High expectations and rigid attitudes, winter clothing. - Aug 2020

Winter clothes, passive driving - Jul 2020

Need to complete tasks efficiently or in a timely manner. - Aug 2018

Impatience, naïveté, credit cards. - Mar 2018

Winter clothes, sense of personal space. - May 2016

Ideas that driving can be safe or relaxing. Hopes that people couldn't still have horribly prejudiced outlooks in a modern city. Any winter clothing - Nov 2015

Winter Clothes, bicycle, and your driving etiquette. People drive aggressively, but they are not as cut-throat as in Manila or Jakarta. They will let you in if you wave. Also leave behind your thoughts of living a normal life in this place. - Dec 2011

Fancy clothes, jewelry and high expectations. - Sep 2008

If your only picture of Africa is the animals, safaris and lush mountains, then go to Kenya because NONE of that exsists in Nigeria. Negative comments, a bad attitude, the idea that because you are American and things don't work this way at home, LOL! Wake up this is a third world country, with third world problems. - May 2008

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