Lagos - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

The night life is the main way people socialize. - Mar 2024

See above. - Aug 2020

Within the Consulate community, there are almost weekly social events organized by the GQ or the CLO. People like to get together for dinner parties, or game nights, or trying new restaurants together or going to bars. There are options to mix with other expatriates through the British Club or the Yacht Club. A lot of expats come to the GQ, so that is a great place to meet other expats and well-off locals. - Jul 2020

We very much enjoyed spending time at the Yacht Club, which is positioned on land that somehow always feels ten degrees cooler than the rest of the city. My wife enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with people outside of the Consulate community. Beyond the Yacht Club, the overwhelming majority of our socializing took place in apartments or the communal pool areas. Lots of games, dinner parties, and cocktail hours. - Jun 2019

Lots of people entertain at home or go out to local restaurants. The GQ hosts bi-weekly trivia night, usually run by Consular officers, and there are events with other missions as well. The Nigerian Field Society hosts a few trips a year, as does the CLO, and there are a few exercise-related groups that draw a few people. There are also a couple of book clubs and the American Women's Club. A few officers belong to the Yacht Club and the Jet Ski Club. There's also a Cigar Club and a rather expensive country club. - Mar 2018

Restaurants and bars can be fun, especially the places on the water. But most entertaining is done in people's apartments or on the compounds. The beach trips organized by the CLO are a great way to spend a weekend. The biggest problem is getting around, whether due to security or traffic. - May 2016

As I said above, BBQs, hosting people at home. The GQ helps with volleyball and other social events. - Nov 2015

Restaurants, games, shopping mall and others. - Dec 2011

It is what you make it. We had frequent informal parties, both large and small, to keep morale up. Good pool parties, group visits to beaches; spouses lunches etc. Singles went dancing and bar hopping. Some ventured out to rock concerts in local stadium. Marine Ball is the social event of the year for all expats. - Sep 2008

There are some local clubs and restaurants, but again, they can be robbed at any second and sometimes are. I tend to go to house parties, and smaller events where I feel safe with the people I know. There are several balls throughout the year in the different communities, and those are a blast! - May 2008

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