Lagos - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

Large due to the many American companies but not very connected. - Mar 2024

Pretty large. Morale is good in my experience. There are clubs where people can meet each other, plus school. - Aug 2020

Lagos has a large expat community. As the largest city in Africa, it draws in expats from different sectors of the economy. There are particularly large populations of Indians and Lebanese who are prominent in the local business community. There is also a significant population of Americans outside of the Consulate due to the presence of oil companies. Morale seems to be good, people are able to build relationships here and take advantage of the creature comforts afforded to expats by virtue of their being very wealthy compared to average Nigerians. - Jul 2020

It's a small expat community and you can easily know the majority of folks. Morale is ok at best, largely dependent on how often you are able to get out of the country to decompress. - Aug 2018

Fairly large. Most seem to work for various diplomatic missions, oil companies, or consulting firms. I think it's generally pretty good - we all know that it can be difficult to live here at times, and some people seem to be counting down the days until they can leave, but most seem to make a pretty good go of it. Lagos has a lot to offer if you know where to look. - Mar 2018

It's a fairly large expatriate community given the oil and diplomatic population. Some people love it here and some people count down the hours. It's important to make friends and do things outside of the apartment. - May 2016

Relatively large because of the oil industry. Morale varies, though I'll be stunned if I ever meet anyone who actually likes it here. - Nov 2015

Very large -- not sure of numbers, but considering the oil companies and associated service contractors, plus Embassy communities, Lebanese entrepreneurs, and groups like the U.N., Red Cross, etc. There are lots of expats in and around Lagos. - Dec 2011

Relatively large (several thousand?) given the presence of many oil companies. - Sep 2008

Really big because of all the oil people, I'd say several hundred. Everyone usually stays with the people they work with due to the distance and time it takes to get to peoples homes/events. - May 2008

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