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What English-language religious services are available locally?

Yes, many different Christian denominations though you should consider personal security before attending. - Mar 2024

Yes, widely available, there are millions of churches here in all denominations. Style will be a little different of course. - Aug 2020

All types of Christian services: Catholic, Protestant, Mormon and some local churches. There are a number of mosques as well, there appear to be Friday prayers on a street corner next to one of the housing compounds, but I don't know if the sermon is in English. There are no Jewish facilities in Lagos, though there is a small community, so there might be some private services arranged. - Jul 2020

I assume services for most Christian denominations, but sure about others. - Mar 2018

Nearly all religious services are in English. - May 2016

Churches are everywhere, but I wouldn't know anything specific. - Nov 2015

Abundantly. - Dec 2011

Catholic, protestant (non-demoninational expat church). Good expat bible study groups on both islands. Lots of local churchs on every corner - Redeemed, Baptist; Nigerian churchs can be very large. - Sep 2008

There are churches everywhere, I don't know anyone who goes to church due to transporation and the fear of robbery. - May 2008

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