Lagos - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes, this is not an accessible city for anyone with physical or mental disabilities. - Mar 2024

Basically close to impossible. - Aug 2020

Yes, the infrastructure in general is lacking in Lagos. - Jul 2020

Very much so, even within USG housing. It's hard to imagine a more difficult built environment. - Jun 2019

Yes. - Aug 2018

Yes. Sidewalks have enormous gaps and steep inclines and declines, potholes are horrendous, and most buildings are not wheelchair accessible. - Mar 2018

Yes, someone with physical disabilities would have a terrible time in Lagos. The sidewalks are often cratered with very high steps -- often a foot or two above the pavement. There's a construction method where large 2x3 cement blocks serve as rain catches. These are always falling apart and have huge holes between them. The power goes out often which includes the elevators. - May 2016

Polio (almost) being recently eradicated means there are still some victims of the disease around. They can't get wheelchairs. I've seen people drag themselves with roller skates on their hands while sitting on a wheeled board. Disabled people have it very tough here. - Nov 2015

The lack of paved roads, no ramps for wheelchairs; this is not a modern city with accessible and safe amenities. - Dec 2011

Do not expect any disability-friendly attitude or facilities: no ramps, no handbars, wide-berths, handicap-accommodating cars. I never saw a Nigerian help another person who had an obvious physical need. Consulate building can make adjustments. The environment can be very loud (generators going all the time). - Sep 2008

The lack of paved roads, ramps for wheelchairs, not a modern city with accesible and safe ammenties. - May 2008

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