Lagos - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

Strong religious tensions here. Females are inferior and usually "property" to men. - Mar 2024

Not to my knowledge. - Aug 2020

Nigeria is a very diverse country that exists solely because the British drew lines on a map. Lagos reflects this diversity. There do not appear to be overt tensions on the surface, and many Nigerians will in fact not express these issues to an expat without knowing them well, but issues do exist between the different ethnic groups and increasingly between religious groups. Gender equality remains a serious issue in the local community. - Jul 2020

Yes to all three. Re: religious prejudices, it doesn't seem to matter what your religion is as long as you have one. - Mar 2018

Nigerians are intolerant. Ethnic divides run deep and locals can tell various tribes immediately. It's hard to say there's a prejudice because everyone is equally disliked. It is an extremely religious society (about 50/50 Christian/Muslim). Outright prejudice is rare (such as targeted abuse or attacks), but anyone who isn't Nigerian is "oyinbo" which translates to "white." This includes Chinese, Spanish, and Indian people. - May 2016

Ha. Nigerians are some of the most regressive people I've ever met. North vs South, Yoruba vs Ibo vs Hausa, Christian vs Muslim. Prejudice is coin of the realm here. It's really sad actually. - Nov 2015

Nigeria as a whole is a Male dominated society. Nigerians are very prejudiced towards members of other tribes. Some tolerate each-other though. For example, the Yorubas relate quite well with both the Igbos and Hausas. Those are the three major tribes. But the Igbos and Hausas are hostile to each other most of the time. - Dec 2011

There is palpable tension between Nigerian tribes, and social classes. Status is very important. Nigerian men (particularly Muslim) tend to ignore instructions and requests given by females -- whether said female is an officer or a spouse or a colleague. - Sep 2008

Nigerians are very prejudice toward other Nigerians who are not from their tribe. Being a White women in this country is like being in the 1800's. Nigerian men don't want to talk to you directly, no manners, no respect. - May 2008

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